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About Mel.


Melanie Recchia RN INP

Mel Recchia has worked in the field of aesthetic nursing since 2006. A registered nurse for 24 years, with a
nursing background in Burns and Plastic surgery. Emergency. Mel is also an Independent
Nurse Prescriber and holds teaching qualifications.

I have been a Registered Nurse (RN) for 24 years, and have now worked in the field of
Aesthetic/Cosmetic nursing since 2006. Prior to Aesthetics I worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital
in Bucks, in the Burns and Plastic surgery department for 3 years and then Accident & Emergency
department for almost 9 years. I am also an Independent Nurse Prescriber (INP) and I also hold
teaching qualifications, obtained during my pre nursing career as a Beauty Therapist, where I had
my own salon for a number of years, and also taught all aspects of Beauty Therapy in Milton
Keynes college and Aylesbury college.

I have vast experience in providing aesthetic treatments, having worked as a practitioner and
manager of a number of aesthetic clinics. I am the lead trainer for a well-known Cosmetic training
company, teaching Doctors, Nurses and Dentists to carry out aesthetic treatments. I have also
been a faculty member and ambassador for Allergan, and I am currently a regional expert and
trainer for Teoxane. I am also a UK accredited trainer for Silhouette soft threads and PDO threads.
In my clinic I offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments. Dermal fillers for replacing
lost volume or enhancing natural features, including advanced techniques such as tear trough
filler, non-surgical nose re shaping and full face contouring, as well as more basic techniques such
as lip augmentation and cheeks.

I also provide Anti-wrinkle solutions, including injectables, and exceptional quality skin treatments
plus other treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (Vampire) and micro needling. I also
provide “Thread lift” procedures for subtle facial repositioning.  
I will carry out a full and detailed consultation before any treatment, covering medical history and
previous treatments, to then be able to create a personalised treatment plan, working with you to
specifically address your needs and concerns.

I have created and maintained longstanding relationships with many patients, some of which have
been coming to me for their aesthetic treatments for the last 12 years.
I like to create results which are natural, flattering the natural features rather than working against
them.  I believe in providing realistic and understated treatment results rather than obvious and
unnatural results, and I am happy to not treat if I feel it would be inappropriate or not an
enhancement of your natural features. I have a genuine interest in the ageing process and finding
the treatments that can restore and maintain a healthy and youthful appearance. I will only
introduce a new treatment to the clinic after careful research. I only use high end, premium, well
recognised products. That will provide you with safe and effective treatments suitable for your

I am also a well known and highly active member of the aesthetic industry, being a board member
of the BACN (British Association of Cosmetic Nurses) and a board member of the PSA
recognised register – Saveface. I contribute regularly to journals and present at conferences
throughout the year. I am also currently studying for my MSc in cosmetic medicine.
The clinic is based in a very private location in the depths of the Buckinghamshire countryside, not
far from Aylesbury or Milton Keynes, with adequate parking.

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