Red Lips

Lip Enhancement.

Lip treatments with dermal filler can be done for several reasons. To enhance and boost what we already have, to give us more pout or to create symmetry. Our lips change with age, they become thinner and less defined, and we lose the natural fullness. Buy using a dermal filler that is safe and specifically for this area we can, restore that lost volume, and redefine the shape, and add
hydration so that the lips look more youthful.

You really don’t have to have a false, unnatural “trout pout”, a dermal filler lip treatment can be as subtle as you want it to be.


We can also improve the look of the lines around the mouth, sometimes referred to as smokers’ lines, and we can improve the downturned corners of the mouth.


We can use different types of filler for different purposes; a very light filler can just give hydration or a very subtle enhancement, a slightly stronger filler can give a more obvious fuller look that can still look natural.


There are a range of types of filler for all requirements, At alchemy we only use premium brands that have a high safety profile. For example Teoxane or Juvéderm.

  • Creates bigger lips / increases fullness of thin lips. 

  • Enhances lip definition

  • Creates a more defined smile

  • Give the mouth area a youthful, rejuvenated appearance

Treatment time:
45 minutes
Full recovery:
2 - 5 days
6-12 months
Numbibng cream.
Sensitivity time:
24-48 hours
Back to work:
Visible results:

What is Chitafood?

Chitafood is a natural food and beverage preservative made from chitosan. Chitosan is produced from hard-skinned animals, especially from the sea such as shrimp, crab, and crab shells. and squid. Chitosan is a material that can be used as a preservative to replace formalin because it can inhibit the growth of destructive microorganisms and at the same time coat the preserved product so that there is minimal interaction between the product and its environment.

How does Chitafood keep product fresh?

Chitafood is a bio-polymer capable of forming edible coatings. Edible Coating is an invisible layer that can be made of polysaccharides / proteins / fats. This layer is able to become a barrier for oxygen to enter and be physically stressed so that food does not go bad/stale and prevents water in food from coming out so that the water content is maintained. The coating is also able to prevent the emergence of bacteria that can accelerate decay.

What is Chitafood made of?

Chitafood made from Chitosan. Chitosan is produced from hard-skinned animals, especially from the sea such as shrimp shells, crabs, crabs. and squid. Chitosan (poly-f-1,4-glucosamine) is a natural polymer, with a molecular structure similar to cellulose (fiber in vegetables and fruits) except that it is located in the C-2 chain group where the hydroxy group (OH) at C-2 is replaced by the amine (NH2).

Is Chitafood safe to eat?

The manufacture of chitosan requires polysaccharides not from protein. Many allergies are caused by protein in the animal. However, preservative Chitafood has gone through the extraction process and it happens deprotein so that the protein from seafood has dissolved and is lost.Chitafood has gone through various assessment and verification processes so that it has succeeded in obtaining official permits from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM in Indonesia) and Halal.

How is Chitafood applied?

For Fruit*

  1. Mix Chitafood and water in a ratio 1:2
  2. Mix well
  3. Dip the fruit in the Chitafood mixture and the water (dip) or spray the fruit with the Chitafood solution (spray)
  4. Dip for 5 minutes
  5. Put up then dry
For Food and Beverage*
  1. Mix Chitafood with product ingredients with a dose of 10% of the total weight of the product ingredients (eg product ingredients 10 kg then Chitafood 100 ml)
  2. Mix well
  3. Mix Chitafood with product ingredients while in the cooking/stirring process
*results can vary depends on application, it is recommended for consultation first.

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