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Skin treatments

In clinic treatments can be used to improve many skin conditions, from acne and acne scarring to melasma and sun damage or just for general skin improvement. As we age our skin becomes tired and starts to show the surface signs of ageing, open pores, pigmented marks, fine lines a generally uneven texture.


Having a regular treatment can improve these conditions and keep the skin in good condition. When the skin is healthy it gives a more youthful and
healthier glow and then lines and wrinkles will look less obvious.
For people who may not want to undergo injectable or more invasive treatments, having a skin treatment will also keep the skin glowing and give a more youthful appearance.

A skin treatment can be anything from a light resurfacing exfoliation treatment to a full chemical peel. At alchemy I can provide these and anything in-between. A full consultation can be caried out to assess the current skin condition, and then recommendations can be made for skin improvement. To complement and enhance the results of the in-clinic skin treatments I retail proven effective skin care.

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