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Dull Skin.

What can I do about my dull skin?

Dull skin can result from a build-up of the top layer of dead skin cells. This layer does to some degree remove itself, but as we age, and with the effects of pollution, wearing makeup, inadequate skin cleansing, central heating, and
other environmental effects, this natural removal process becomes slow and sluggish. Resulting in a dull, sallow complexion with blocked pores, that can lead to open pores. Fine lines and wrinkles also start to look more obvious
as this layer of skin is settling into the creases.

By gently removing this top layer we can reveal a fresh, plump, and glowing complexion. How can we do this? In the clinic, we have several skin treatment options that will target individual concerns such as breakouts or pigmentation, or just to refresh and revive the skin. These treatments will also delay the signs of ageing as they stimulate the production of natural hyaluronic acid and collagen.

The use of a good cosmeceutical skin care regime will also improve the complexion and maintain the results of any skin treatment. Cosmeceutical products have higher levels of active ingredients than any of the high street
cosmetic products, these higher levels are proven to be more effective. Following a thorough consultation, we can recommend the right products and treatments for your needs.


What can I do for lines between my eyebrows

As we age and our skin gets a little less plump and elastic, we find that expression lines start to become a little more
noticeable, most commonly between the brows, across the forehead, and at the sides of the eyes. We can soften the
lines, and in some cases, depending on how established they are, we can all but remove them, and by treating these
areas we can also prevent them coming in the first place or at least slow down their appearance.

This can be achieved by several different methods, good home skin care is necessary to keep the skin in good
condition, particularly the use of good cleansing, products that contain proven anti-ageing ingredients and an
effective sunscreen every day of the year. Its Ultra Violet light causes skin aging.

Another common treatment is the use of anti-wrinkle injections to relax the muscles of facial expression. This
treatment needs to be done every 3-5 months, tiny injections that will keep those lines at bay.
Sometimes people will ask about dermal filler for this area, but this is rarely used here as it is a high-risk area for
vascular problems, so good skin care, and a few injections will do the job.


How do I get rid of my jowls?


“Jowls” are an unfortunate result of the ageing process, as the skin loses its elasticity, and our facial fat pads deflate
and move into a downwards direction, our face shape changes form the “triangle of youth”, wider at the
upper/midface, to the “pyramid of age” where we become squarer and heavier at the jawline, and narrower at the

The jowls themselves are challenging to remove, but by improving the facial proportions and contours, by adding
volume back into the cheek area, with dermal filler, a youthful appearance can be restored. It is also possible to add
some dermal filler into the chin and jaw area to diminish the appearance of the jowls.


But this all must be done in a way that takes into consideration the natural features and will not distort the appearance or create an unnatural look. The Endymed treatment can also be used to firm and tighten the jawline.
A full consultation will determine the best approach for you.


How can I stop the downturned corners of my mouth?

Another unfortunate aspect of ageing is the change to the corners of the mouth, there is a tendency for these to
become more downturned. The mouth area undergoes a lot of changes with age, due to the shrinkage of bone,
changes in dentition, and the movement of the midface and jowl fat pads. Our facial muscle also become tighter with
age, and the muscle around the mouth can start to pinch, leading to more obvious “Smokers lines”, and the muscle
at the corners of the mouth with the name of Depressor Anguli Oris (DAO) starts to tighten and pull the corners

What can we do about it? At a consultation, I would look at all the facial features and contours, as sometimes it's higher
up the face that needs treatment, if the cheeks have deflated this will add to the drop of the mouth corners. It
maybe that some midface filler will help lift the corners. Dermal filler into the lips and mouth corners will also help,
but we have to be careful not to create a strange shape, so a small amount would be used in the area. A small
amount of lip filler can also give the lips a more youthful look overall.

Anti wrinkle injections - Botox, can also help here, as it will relax the muscle that is pulling the corners down. Botox
can be used to very good effect in the lower face, it can help the DAO and also the chin muscle, which can appear a
little uneven or have an orange peel look as we age.

Nose to mouth.

How can I get rid of my nose-to-mouth lines?

The lines or creases that run from the corner of the nostrils to the corners of the mouth are known as the Naso-
Labial Folds or NLF’s in the Aesthetic world. These can be prominent in some people from an early age and is an
example of a facial feature, that often goes nicely together with a good full cheek. we don’t like them when they start to
appear as a sign of ageing, they become more noticeable because the fat pad in this area, the nasolabial fat pad is
one of the few fat pads that become thicker with age, most of the facial fat pads actually drop and become flatter.

What can we do about it? During the consultation I would also look at the other facial contours, as often the NLF looks
deeper when the cheeks are losing volume. This is where I would usually start, by restoring some volume in the
cheeks this will lift out the fold, you may also need some dermal filler into the fold itself.

If there is a static line on the surface of the skin as well as a deeper fold, then a skin treatment to address the line
would be advised, micro-needling for example, also the use of some good quality medical grade skin care, and of
course daily SPF to prevent the surface lines from becoming deeper.

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